Dear BHS Football Parents,

Fundraising season is finally over but we still need your help. As you know we are now collecting players fees for the 2019 football season. Attached is a PowerPoint presentation outlining what requirements the money we raise goes toward. As the slides depict, running the BHS football program is an expensive undertaking. We rely on both players dues and fundraising to make ends meet. Fees are set at $500 per player, and if every player paid their fees we would receive $50 thousand. Obviously, that amount would not satisfy our financial requirements for the program, so we rely on fundraising to make up the difference. We credit each player 25% of every dollar they raise toward their fees. Thus, a player would have to raise $2000 to totally offset their $500 fee (25% of $2000). Additionally, if a players parent secures team meals through donations from a local restaurant for a varsity or JV game, then the player receives either a $175 credit for a Varsity team meal or $125 credit for a JV team meal. These credits are a dollar for dollar reduction to the $500 fee.

By now, class representatives should have contacted you and notified you of your player’s outstanding balance. We need you to please pay your player fees at your earliest convenience. There are three ways to pay:

1. You can make a check payable to Bearden Touchdown Club and mail it to:
Bearden Touchdown Club
P.O. Box 31083
Knoxville, TN 37930

2. Make a check payable to Bearden Touchdown Club and place it in an envelope with your player’s full name on the envelope and marked “Players Fees”. Your player can turn in the envelope to Coach Shinlever who will place it in a safe in his office. I check the safe every week. You can also email me and let me know that your player turned in the check to the coach and I will go pick it up soon after.

3. You can pay via PayPal on our website at the link below. Please make sure in the note section you state that: “For “name of your player” Players Fees”.

If you want to make partial payments (up to 3), email, text or call (803 728-7484) me to arrange as necessary. If you have already submitted full payment, then you have my thanks and no further action is necessary.


Julio Arana
BHS Football Booster Club