Hey Bulldog Parents!

Due to all the uncertainty of the last few months we put a hold on fundraising efforts. But there is still a need for fundraising to support the program.

Once we have a better idea of when the season is going to start, we’ll launch our Bearden 20for20 drive. We’ll be trying to fund the 2020 season in 20 days, based on a donation of $20 each. Bearden Football is fortunate to have some special guests to help with this, but please start thinking about friends, family members, Bearden alumni or anyone else who might be willing to chip in $20 to help us out.

Bearden20for20 will be the very first TOI fundraiser! (You may remember TOI from Coach Shinlever’s presentation last winter. It stands for Team Over Individual, and is a core principle of the Bearden Football Program.) Instead of incentives for individual achievement, everyone on the team will benefit from reaching designated fundraising thresholds.

We also have banner and program advertising sponsorship opportunities available. Prices and ad sizes are the same as in previous seasons and can be found on the Bearden Football website. This will likely be much more challenging than in other years, but we’ve heard that some sponsors want to continue to support the football program through banners and program ads. And we do have a business version of Bearden 20for20 for those who want to continue to support Bearden but cannot do so at the regular advertising levels.

(Knox County Schools has guidelines on acceptable sponsors. The Bearden High School principal may decline sponsorship from a business if it does not meet those guidelines.)

Right now the deadline for program ads and new banners is August 10 (we will need artwork and payment then). Banner renewals will be due by August 14. If the start of the football season is delayed, these deadlines will be extended. Also, if you would like to help with the program and banners, we would love to have you!

Please contact Elizabeth Pemberton at epembert@utk.edu or 865-216-6010 if you have questions.