Hello all!

Our first home game and Senior Night is this Friday vs. Maryville. NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AT THE GATE. You need to purchase a Football Pass or All Season Sports Pass to guarantee you are able to attend all 5 home games. The Football Passes are for all 5 home varisty games only and are currently $40 each. No limit on the amount you can purchase. We have a limited amount of passes we can sell to home football games this season due to limited capacity and once they’re gone, they’re gone. To purchase a pass or passes you will need to go to knoxschools.schoolcashonline.com

Football Passes will be handed out all week during lunch in the cafeteria. They will also be handed out today, tomorrow, and Thursday from 4-5 pm at the main ticket booth at the football stadium. IF we don’t sell out all of our passes by tomorrow of this week, then individual tickets for the Maryville game will be sold, until we reach our capacity at all lunches starting Wednesday through Friday and will also be sold at the main ticket booth Wednesday and Thursday from 4-5 pm until sold out (no limit on amount you can individually purchase). However, to guarantee that you are able to go to home football games I would strongly encourage and recommend you buy a Football Pass because when the passes are gone there will not be an opportunity to buy individual tickets. For example, if we have sold 500 Football Passes by Wednesday (we have a total of 1,200 we can sell), then even though we will still continue to sell Football Passes until they are gone we will also start to sell individual tickets until we reach our 1/3rd capacity for the football stadium. The following home game will be the same way until all passes and/or tickets have been purchased for that game. Once all Football Passes have been eventually sold, whether that happens for this home game, the next home game or so on, we will no longer be selling passes or individual tickets.

Below are the ways you will be allowed entry into home games this season…

1. Football Pass – knoxschools.schoolcashonline.com

2. All Season Sports Pass – knoxschools.schoolcashonline.com

3. Individual ticket (refer above – these will be limited and will eventually not be sold after passes have sold out for home games)

4. TSSAA card (cardholder only)

5. TACA card (cardholder only)

6. KCS Employess badge

There will be two gates from which you can enter the stadium. The main gate by the main ticket booth will be for Football Pass holders and individual ticket holders and the pass gate on the visitors side of the stadium will be for All Season Sports Pass holders, TSSAA and TACA card holders, and KCS Employee badge holders. Please go to the appropriate gate for entry.

I understand that non of this is ideal but it is the best we can do for the current situation we are in presently. As always, thank you for your continued support of BHS athletics and we look forward to seeing you at any and all of the athletics events this school year! GO DAWGS!!!

Kindest regards,

Donald Balcom

Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

Bearden High School