Coupon Sales
There are two and a half weeks to still sell coupon cards.  As I post this, we still are not at the break-even point with the money that has been turned in to date.  I know many players have not turned in their money previously, so I am certain we have outstanding money. Please have your player work over the dead period to sell cards.  The last thing I want to do is extend this fundraiser.  
Blitz Days

If any players would like to blitz over the dead period, please contact Rod Walker at 865-919-8422.  He is available and already has some players that are going to sell during the next two weeks. Players should wear something that says Bearden/Bearden football, so that people recognize that it is supporting our school team. 

Saturdays at Popes Creekside Nursery on Northshore:

Saturday, July 6 from 10-12 pm. Please text or call Sherri Adams at 865-585-1007 to sign up for this last day at Pope’s.  Remember to wear a Bearden shirt. 

Remember, here are the player incentives:

15 cards: a Bulldog Lanyard

30 cards: a Bulldog Bro Tank

45 Cards:  will be a Bulldog Sweatshirt (The one the seniors have suggested and like the ones from coupons sales in the past.)

75 Card: shoes and socks.  (The forms say 60, it should have been 75, I apologize for the error.)

Final Collection day:  Wednesday, July 10 at morning practice.  

The coaches (and I) really want to end this fundraiser on July 10. We don’t want to extend it as we have in previous years. It all depends on the turnout, so please have your player finish up with the cards he has with him. Also, don’t forget that 25% of your players sales go toward his football fees. This sale is  really important to the program as it typically brings in around $20,000! Thank you in advance for your support of this fundraiser and our football program. 

Nancy Pearsall   (