Hey everyone,

Coach Shinlever received this info regarding the stadium policies & procedures for our upcoming game vs DB. Please share with all classes and share with anyone that may be attending the game so they are aware.


J. Fred Johnson Stadium Policies and Procedures 2019 Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in and support of Dobyns-Bennett athletics! By purchasing D-B football tickets, you are supporting all of our athletic programs, while showing yet again your dedication to the athletes, musicians, spirit squads, and all members of Tribe Nation. Together, we are truly One Tribe!

The Dobyns-Bennett administration and staff support a safe and fan friendly environment at J. Fred Johnson Stadium. To help better explain the policies and procedures that support this culture at D-B, this Frequently Asked Questions document has been developed for your review.

Q: Oversized stadium seats are not permitted. Why is this? How can I tell if my stadium seat is too large for admission?
A: The restriction on oversize stadium seats is in place to ensure that neighboring fans are not squeezed by seats that encroach into their designated seating area. While attempting to provide the best clarity and comfort for all fans, we understand that this particular policy was a cause of confusion and dissatisfaction as enforced during the 2018 football season. Please be aware that while oversized stadium seats are still prohibited, stadium staff will attempt to allow reasonably sized seats to be utilized within J. Fred Johnson Stadium, as long as they do not encroach on the comfort of others.

Q: Outside food and drink are prohibited in the stadium. Why is this?

A: As with most athletic arenas across the country, outside food and drink are not allowed to be brought into the stadium. While this certainly helps encourage patronage of concessions that serves to support our athletic programs, it also helps prevent the entry of unknown liquids that might be brought onto school grounds for consumption. While outside food and drink are still prohibited during the 2019 season, gate workers will be instructed to utilize reasonable judgement when addressing such issues.

Q: Why are umbrellas not allowed in J. Fred Johnson Stadium?

A: While inclement weather may certainly occur on game night, umbrellas are not permitted due to a variety of factors. They may serve as a safety hazard, impede viewing sight-lines, and/or cause water runoff that impacts the comfort of other stadium guests.

Q: Why is live streaming not allowed?

A: We want J. Fred Johnson Stadium to be the place to be on game night! To that end, having policies in place that encourage our fans to come to Dobyns-Bennett to watch the game, enjoy the band, and experience the game-night atmosphere is important. All rebroadcast or streaming of events at the stadium are prohibited without the specific prior approval of the Dobyns-Bennett Athletics Director.