Our Year-end Football Banquet is quickly approaching!

Our Banquet is December 9th at Hunter Valley Farm from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Each player will be allowed to purchase 2 tickets due to the size of the venue. We are selling tickets next week on the 25th, 26th of November and then again December 2nd & December 3rd. If you do not purchase your tickets by the 3rd, we will be opening tickets up to the Senior players so they can have additional family members at the banquet.

*Players will not be given a ticket, we will be keeping track of the players that purchase tickets and will have their names for entry at the banquet – so please have them come to the table even if they are coming by themselves to let us know.

Tickets will be $10.00 each – Cash or Check

Tickets will be sold during lunches in the West Mall.

YOU MUST (with the exception of the players) have a ticket to get into the banquet, again this is due to the size of the venue, no one will be allowed in without a ticket.

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