Bulldog Parents-

The mulch is sold, now we have to deliver it! We need all parents and players with trucks, trailers, vans, cars-anything to haul mulch this Saturday! We have over 5000 bags of mulch to deliver, but we need your help! We will start at 8:00am on Saturday morning. All players, whether they sold mulch or not, must arrive at 8:00AM and sign in with Coach. All players are required to be in attendance. We need any and all parent volunteers to assist with delivery. You will be teamed up with a group of several players to assist with the heavy lifting in loading and delivery. We also need parents with cars to transport players to follow a truck or trailer into neighborhoods to help with delivery.

All mulch will be loaded and delivered from the lower parking lot behind the stadium. All trucks/trailers/cars will enter and exit the lot from Gleason Drive, then will be given further instructions upon your arrival. The other entrances to the lower lot will be closed, so the only way in our out will be off of Gleason Dr.

The weather looks great for Saturday, so should be a great day! Look forward to seeing everybody then!

Thanks in advance for making this a great fundraiser!

Bart Pemberton